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With all the recent talk about brain health and management in contact sports, the Brain Foundation is excited to announce an upcoming collaboration with the Sydney Swans. This will be released to the public after July this year the aim being to promote and fund research into this specific area.

We are delighted to have secured the ambassadorial services of Swans (retired) superstar player, Ted Richards. Ted played AFL professionally for 16 years –  5 years at Essendon and 11 years at the Sydney Swans for a total of 261 AFL games.

Ted could see how being an ambassador is a wonderful opportunity to give something back to the fans who supported him and the teams as well as the whole community. He could see how important it is to fund new research into different brain diseases and disorders. A healthy brain is so important to the quality of life for everybody, but there’s still so much we don’t know about it.

The Brain Foundation now has a relationship with the Sydney Swans too, and I’m happy to be involved in this relationship to further raise awareness of the good work that The Brain Foundation does.

Ted used his time in football wisely to gain post-graduate qualifications in Finance and since retiring from football he joined a business called Six Park. They are a robo-advisor, in that they provide professional investment advice online. They invest clients into their own globally diversified portfolio for a fraction of the price that advisors typically charge. Their client’s investments are overseen by an investment committee which features the former Chairman of JP Morgan and former Minister of Finance for the Australian Government Lindsay Tanner. If you’re interested in finding out more please check them out at


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