Workplace Giving

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Workplace Giving                  Workplace Giving allows you to help fund crucial research into brain disease, disorders and injury by making a regular, tax-deductible donation to the Brain Foundation through your employer’s payroll system. Why participate in Workplace Giving? It is an easy way to donate – You don’t need… Read more »


Regular Giving

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Regular Giving                  Why regular giving is so important People who give regularly to the Brain Foundation provide ongoing support for vital research.  Regular monthly donations help us confidently plan ahead and contribute to lifesaving breakthroughs in the long term. How regular giving works Regular giving is an… Read more »

Completed Research

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Completed Research Our researchers are hard at work on the projects you helped fund.The final reports of the studies that have been completed – MORE COMING SOON. Final reports for 2012 research grants. Final reports for 2011 research grants.

Vegetative State

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Vegetative State (Unresponsive Wakefulness Syndrome) Description A vegetative state is when a person is awake but showing no signs of awareness. On recovery from the coma state, VS/UWS is characterised by the return of arousal without signs of awareness. In contrast, a coma is a state that lacks both awareness and wakefulness. Absence of awareness… Read more »