Research Grant - 2007

Research Category: Motor Neuron Disease Award

Dr Ostoja (Steve) Vucic was the recipient of Brain Foundation grant funding in 2007

Motor Neuron Disease Award

Motor Neuron Disease Award
Pathophysiological processes underlying familial Motor Neuron Disease
Dr Ostoja (Steve) Vucic
Department of Neurology, University of Sydney and Westmead Hospital
Funded By Michael Rogers Stirling Estate
Co-Investigators : Associate Professor Matthew C Kiernan

Project Summary:

To determine the pathophysiological processes underlying neurodegeneration in familial motor neuron disease and thereby determine the site of origin and subsequent patterns of neuronal death in familial motor neuron disease. Advancing earlier studies that have explored the basis for neurological symptoms in sporadic motor neuron disease. This may result in the development of a sensitive diagnostic test for upper motor neuron involvement in motor neuron disease, thereby resulting in early diagnosis.

Providing new knowledge about the pathogenesis of motor neuron disease, potentially impacting on the future management of motor neuron disease patients. This may lead to the development of a new monitoring tool to assess the efficacy of future therapies in motor neuron disease patients.

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