Donate Your Brain

The Australian Brain Bank Network (ABBN) is a collaboration between brain banks across Australia to optimise collection, handling and distribution of post mortem human brain tissue and related samples for the conduct of research into brain and mind disorders. The ABBN also provides a neuropathological diagnostic service (excluding the NSW Brain Bank Network), and supports education for medical and allied health professionals.

Just as organ donation is a gift of life to someone with organ failure, post mortem brain donation for medical research is a precious gift that will lead to advances in the treatment and prevention of brain disorders and diseases.

2019 news: Unfortunately, the ABBN no longer exists, and there are now only the distinct state brain bank entities.

NSW Brain Bank donor page

However, NSW Brain Bank programs do have eligibility requirements which include, and are not limited to, residing in NSW. Also, they do not accept at death or near death donations. They encourage anyone interested in brain donation to enrol as a donor as early as possible.

VICTORIA Brain Bank:

MS Research Australia Brain Bank:

Brain FoundationThe Brain Foundation is the largest, independent funder of brain and spinal injury research in Australia. We believe research is the pathway to recovery.