Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving allows you to help fund crucial research into brain disease, disorders and injury by making a regular, tax-deductible donation to the Brain Foundation through your employer’s payroll system.

Why participate in Workplace Giving?

It is an easy way to donate – You don’t need to collect and present receipts to claim at the end of the year for a tax refund, the donation is taken from your pre-tax salary. You can choose to give as much or as little as you like.

It is cost effective – Donating from your pre-tax income means a lower upfront cost, as the tax benefit applies immediately.

Team building opportunities – Workplace giving brings staff together to support chosen charities. Many employers choose to match staff donations or donate a fixed amount, to increase the impact and boost staff morale.

How to give to the Brain Foundation via your workplace

Existing workplace giving programs:

If your organisation already has a workplace giving program, ask your payroll department to deduct your chosen amount from your pre-tax salary and request that it go to the Brain Foundation. If the Brain Foundation is not currently a nominated charity at your workplace, request that it be added.

Some workplaces also use third party platforms like Good2Give. Good2Give helps businesses establish a workplace giving program and makes it easy for employees to give to their preferred charity. The Brain Foundation is registered with Good2Give.

Starting a workplace giving program:

If your workplace doesn’t currently have a workplace giving program, contact your Human Resources Manager or Payroll department and ask for one to be established, and for the Brain Foundation to be nominated as a charity partner.

They can also contact Good2Give to establish a program.

For further information on Workplace Giving please contact our Fundraising Director on 02 9437 5967 or 1300 886 660.

Also  visit the Australian Tax Office website:


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