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Since 1970 the Brain Foundation has supported hundreds of research projects throughout Australia.

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Alzheimer Type Protein Deposition In People With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
A/Professor Amy Brodtmann

Cell-Free DNA Profiling In Cases And Disease-Mimics To Develop A Biomarker Test For Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Dr Fleur Garton

ALS Progression: Multimodal Approach To Assessing Cortical Dysfunction
Dr Parvathi Menon

"Cage Fighting" For Parkinson's Disease: How Can We Prevent The Spread Of Abnormal Proteins?
Dr Lyndsey Collins-Praino

Thrombotic Nanodisks To Block Abnormal Blood Vessels In Brain
Dr Zhenjun Zhao

The Role Of Immune Cells And A Cell Membrane Protein In Human Brain Tumours - A Bed To Bench Side Study
Dr Mastura Monif

Defining The Clinical Features Of Antibody Associated Epilepsy
Dr Lisa Gillinder

The Development And Management Of Post-Traumatic Epilepsy
Dr Joshua Laing

How The Brain Controls The Heart And Blood Vessels In Epilepsy
Professor Vaughan Macefield

Early Diagnosis Of Amyloid- And Paraprotein- Associated Neuropathies
Dr Antonia Carroll


Cerebral Diseases
How spinal cord cysts (Syringomyelia) form: Investigating the flow of fluid in the spinal cord
Dr Shinuo Liu

Parkinson’s Disease
Investigating molecular causes of multiple system atrophy
Dr Michael Janitz

Neuromuscular Disease
Tremor - a clinical and neurophysiological study
Dr Alessandro Fois

Neuromuscular Disease
Muscle excitability techniques in hyperthyroid myopathy
Dr Chantal Baldwin

Neuromuscular Disease
Spectrum of immune-mediated neuropathies
Dr Nidhi Garg

Paediatric Neurology
Identification of treatable neurological and psychiatric disease to improve clinical outcomes
Dr Kavitha Kothur

Dawn Wallace Fellowship
Hyperexcitability of motor neurons in Motor Neurone Disease
Dr James Howells

Neuromuscular Disease
Characterising the immune responses associated with Inclusion Body Myositis
Professor Merrilee Needham

Cerebral Diseases
Glutamate imaging to predict seizure risk after stroke
Dr John-Paul Nicolo

Cerebral Diseases
Understanding brain injury from stroke and recovery and complications after treatment
Dr Felix Ng


Cerebral Diseases
Improving the diagnosis of impairments in spatial awareness among stroke patients
Dr Tobias Loetscher

Alzheimer’s and Other Neuro Degenerative Diseases
Sleep apnea and Alzheimer's disease
A/Professor Elizabeth Coulson

Cerebral Diseases
Radiation-induced markers for vascular targeting of brain AVM tissues
Dr Zhenjun Zhao

Alzheimer’s and Other Neuro Degenerative Diseases
Identifying biomarkers to predict poor cognitive ageing
Dr Sarah Spencer

Cerebral Diseases
Developing a therapeutic drug to treat Cerebral cavernous malformation
Dr Xiangjian Zheng

Alzheimer’s and Other Neuro Degenerative Diseases
Epigenetic signatures of nerve cells in Alzheimer's disease
Dr Phillipa Taberlay

Paediatric Neurology
Characterising structure function relationships in childhood stroke using advanced brain imaging
Dr Joseph Yuan-Mou Yang

Alzheimer’s and Other Neuro Degenerative Diseases
Exercise, gene expression and Alzheimer's disease
Dr Belinda Brown

GotRhythm: a mobile phone app to improve movement following stroke
Ms Ann-Maree Vallence

Alzheimer’s and Other Neuro Degenerative Diseases
Amyloid deposition and cognitive function in Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Dr Melinda Jackson


Neurodegenerative Diseases Award
Do memory concerns in healthy older adults herald future demetia risk?
Dr Rachel Buckley

Chronic Headache & Migraine Award
MR-based 4D flow in IIH
Dr Hugh Winters

Neurodegenerative Diseases Award
New drugs for neurodegenerative disease
Dr Thibault Renoir

Major Research Award
A new understanding of increased pressure within the skull in brain diseases
Dr Neil Spratt

Parkinson’s Disease Award
Improving walking disorders in Parkinson's patients using cueing
Dr Wesley Thevathasan

Cerebral Diseases Award
Identifying new treatment targets for stroke
Associate Professor Shaun Sandow

Cerebral Diseases Award
Identifying biomarkers responsible for the development of subarachnoid haemorrhage
Mr Alexios Adamides

Brain Tumour Award
Novel combination therapy for brain tumours
Dr Lenka Munoz

Epilepsy Award
Using brain tissue to find the causes of epilepsy
Associate Professor Richard Leventer

Neuromuscular Diseases Award
Vitamin D in neuroinflammatory disorders
Dr Susanna Park


Neurodegenerative Diseases
Modelling Alzheimer's disease in patient-derived neurons
Dr Lezanne Ooi

Elizabeth Penfold Simpson Award
Human adult dental pulp stem cells enhance poststroke functional recovery through non-neural replacement mechanisms
Dr Karlea Kremer

Neurodegenerative Diseases
Determining the influence of sleep quantity and quality on memory, thinking and biological markers of Alzheimer's disease
Dr Stephanie Ruth Rainey-Smith

Neurodegenerative Diseases
Function of Parkinson's Disease protein synuclein
Dr Mark Graham

Neurodegenerative Diseases
Automating brain scan analysis to improve the diagnosis of Alheimer's disease in clinical practice
Associate Professor Stephen Bowden

Movement and postural control in dystonia patients
Dr Florence Chang

Cerebral Diseases
Progranulin, blood brain barrier integrity and ischaemic stroke
Dr Katherine Jackman

Cerebral Diseases
Targetting brain swelling to improve long-term outcome following stroke
Dr Renee Turner

Brain Tumours
Targetting the YAP pathway in GBM stem cells
Dr Andrew Gogos

Brain Tumours
Can expression of the NFI genes in glioblastoma stop tumour growth?
Dr Jens Bunt


Neurodegenerative Diseases
Generation of pathogenic tau-specific antibodies for the treatment of tauopathies
Dr Rebecca Nisbet

Brain Tumours
Human neural stem cells in the development of medulloblastoma
Dr Jacqueline McGlade

Brain Tumours
Glioblastoma stem cell-derived microvesicles
Associate Professor Michael Buckland

Parkinson’s Disease
The effect of infrared light in Parkinson's Disease
Dr Dan Johnstone

Neuromuscular Diseases
Energy requirements in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Associate Professor Monique Ryan

Parkinson’s Disease
Gambling and impulsivity in Parkinson’s Disease
Dr Richard Blaze

Neuromuscular Diseases
Sporadic Inclusion Body Myositis
Dr Jessica Sylvester

Parkinson’s Disease
Multiple System Atrophy
Dr Michael Janitz

Neuro-trauma Award
Clean traumatic brain injury
Dr Justin Moore

Parkinson’s Disease
The impact of environment and behaviour on dopamine
Dr Tim Aumann


Supranuclear Palsy Award
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Progressive Supranuclear Palsy
Dr Kelly Bertram

Diabetic Neuropathy Award
The effect of a potential treatment on nerve growth following diabetic neuropathy
Professor Adrian West

Parkinson’s Disease Award
Assessing a new Deep Brain Stimulation target in the brain to alleviate symptoms of postural instability in Parkinson’s Disease
Dr Wesley Thevathasan

Brain Injury Award
Neural basis of adolescent recovery post brain injury
Dr Janine Cooper

Cervical Dystonia Award
Multi-modal treatment of cerebellum for Cervical Dystonia
Dr Lynley Bradnam

McArdle Disease Award
Testing various approaches for treating McArdle’s Disease using a mouse model
Associate Professor Kristen Nowak

Whispering Dysphonia Award
The Cause of Whispering Dysphonia
Professor Carolyn Sue

Brain Injury Award
Long-term effects of sports-related concussion
Professor Christopher Levi

Stroke Award
Rewiring the brain after stroke: how to promote it and measure it
Dr Penelope McNulty

Headache and Migraine Award
Genes and migraine, iron metabolism
Professor Lyn Griffiths


Spinal Cord Injury Award
Delivery of BDNF to motor neurons to promote axonal regeneration and recovery of motor function.
Dr Renée Morris

Spinal Cord Injury Award
Utilising plasticity to drive functional recovery after SCI.
Dr Michael Lee

Traumatic Brain Injury Award
Limiting the damage in TBI.
Dr Peter Crack

Traumatic Brain Injury Award
Blood circulation in the brain after head injury.
Dr Judith Bellapart

Alzheimer’s Disease Award
Cerebrovascular contributions to dementia.
Dr Hannah Keage

Dystonia Award
Non-invasive cerebellar stimulation for focal hand dystonia.
Ms Lynley Bradnam

Neuro vascular Disease Award
Molecular imaging in brain AVMs.
Dr Thi Thuy Hong Duong

Brain Tumours Award
Vascular Biomarkers in Brain Cancer.
Dr Iwan Bennett

Paediatric Neurology Award
Stroke in Cardiac Disease.
Dr Mark Mackay

Epilepsy Award
How do Anti-epileptic Drugs Work?
Dr Christopher French


Parkinson’s Disease Award
Protein recycling is disrupted in Parkin's Disease.
Dr Anthony Lee Cook

Parkinson’s Disease Award
Development of a 68Ga-dopamine transporter PET tracer for brain imaging of Parkinson's Disease.
Associate Professor Roslyn Francis

Parkinson’s Disease Award
A statewide study of Huntington Disease in New South Wales, Phase I.
Dr Clement Loy

Stroke Award
Do strokes cause dementia?
Dr Amy Brodtmann

Stroke Award
Understanding why some nerve tissue is more likely to die following a stroke.
Dr Neil Spratt

Stroke Award
Exercise: can it help the brain change itself?
Dr Michelle Nadine McDonnell

Muscular Dystrophy Award
Muscular dystrophy and membrane repair.
Dr Sandra Cooper

Neuro Trauma Award
A Novel platform for studying brain injury in vivo.
Dr Jyoti Anabela Chuckowree

Motor Neurone Disease Award
What are the causes of behavioural changes in motor neurone disease?
Dr Michael Hornberger

Migraine Award
Finding the key to the migraine riddle.
Dr Geoffrey Lambert


Neuromuscular Disease Award
Pathophysiological insights into HIV and antiretroviral drug related neuropathy afforded by axonal excitability testing.
Dr Karl Ng

Brain Tumour Award
Investigation of the ABCG2 pump in radiation.
Dr Andrew Hallahan

Epilepsy Award
HLA type and temporal lobe epilepsy.
Dr Kee Meng Tan

Migraine Award
Testing anti-migraine drugs in normal and hypoxic conditions.
Dr Svetlana Shabala

Epilepsy Award
Peripheral nerve excitability in neurological ion channel disorders.
Dr Susan Tomlinson

Neuro-trauma Award
A study on the tolerance of the brain to the kinds of forces encountered in an impact to the head.
Dr Robert Anderson

Muscular Dystrophy Award
Muscular dystrophy and protection against heart disease.
Professor Richard Jackson

Multiple Sclerosis Award
Prevalence and incidence study of neuromyelitis optica in Australia and New Zealand with population-based sensitivity and specificity of NMO IgG antibody positivity.
Associate Professor Simon Broadley

Parkinson’s Disease Award
Investigating a Genetic Risk Factor for Developing Abnormal Involuntary Movements in Parkinson’s Disease.
Associate Professor David Williams

Parkinson’s Disease Award
Live video recording of cell abnormalities
Associate Professor Carolyn Sue


Neuromuscular Disease Award
Investigating the causes of diabetic neuropathy.
Dr Arun Krishnan

Neuromuscular Disease Award
Nerve excitability in Long QT Syndrome.
Dr Stacey Jankelowitz

Neuro-trauma Award
Neck artery trauma and microclots to the brain.
Associate Professor Richard Gerraty

Brain Injury Award
Assessment of the neuroprotective properties of the amlyoid precursor protein (AAP) following brain injury.
Dr Corinna Van Den Heuvel

Spinal Cord Research Award
Novel pain pathway in human spinal cord.
Dr Rainer Haberberger

Spinal Cord Research Award
Hydrocephalus and the role of brain water channels.
Dr Brian Owler

Stroke Award
Improving psychosocial outcomes after stroke.
Dr Jonathan Sturm

Motor Neuron Award
The basis of hyper-excitability in upper motor neurons in a model of motor neuron disease.
Dr Mark Bellingham

Neuromuscular Award
Does pyridostigmine (Mestinon) make myasthenia gravis worse in the long term?
Dr Stephen Reddel

Brain Tumour Award
Vestibular-postural responses in pre and post operative follow-up of cerebellopontine angle tumours.
Dr Miriam Welgampola


Tulip Foundation Doctoral Scholarship Award
Transcriptional regulation of the Parkinson’s Disease protein α – synuclein.
Miss Danni Cheng

Motor Neuron Disease Award
A new hypothesis of Motoneuron Disease: astrocytes are the non-neuronal neighbours inducing motoneuron injury.
Professor Philip M Beart

Motor Neuron Disease Award
Pathophysiological processes underlying familial Motor Neuron Disease.
Dr Ostoja (Steve) Vucic

Neurodegenerative Diseases Award
Early oxiodative changes in live cells following infection with the neurodegenerative disease associated prion protein.
Dr Cathryn Louise Haigh

Parkinsons’ Disease Award
Deciphering the biochemical properties of Parkinson’s Disease-associated Leucine-rich Repeat Kinase 2.
Dr Janetta G Culvenor

Stroke Award
A randomised controlled trial of mild hypothermia in acute ischaemic stroke.
Associate Professor Chris Levi

Paediatric Neurology Award
The role of platelet-released factors on brain injury during stroke.
Dr Russell C Dale

Tumour Award
Targeting Apoptotic Pathways in Medullobastomas.
Dr David Ziegler

Migraine Award
Investigating the cause of migraine.
Dr Geoffrey A Lambert

Tremor Award
Tremor and Human Motor Cortex.
Dr Gabrielle Todd


Migraine Award
Is migraine triggered by Cortico-Brainstem connection?
Dr Geoffrey A. Lambert

Motor Neurone Award
Somatic mutations in Motor Neuron Disease.
Associate Professor Roger Pamphlett

Spinal Cord Award
Does a deficient blood-spinal cord barrier contribute to post-traumatic syringomyelia?
Associate Professor Marcus Stoodley

Stroke Award
Supplementary oxygen for acute ischaemic stroke: an imaging-based efficacy trail (SOS Trial).
Dr Mark W. Parsons

Tumour Award
Pilot Study to evaluate the role of Tks5 in malignant glioma invasion.
Dr Peter Lock

Parkinson’s Disease Award
Identification of mutations in Parkinson's Disease genes using a PD Gene Sequencing Chip.
Dr Justin Rubio

Parkinson’s Disease Award
Clioquinol as an adjunct therapy with L-dopa in a noval animal model of Parkinson's Disease.
Associate Professor David Finkelstein

Parkinson’s Disease Award
Peripheral isoprenoid changes in Parkinson's Disease.
Dr Kay Double


Migraine Award
The interaction of genotype, vitamin status and homocysteine level migraine severity.
Professor Lyn Griffiths

Neurosurgery Award
A randomised controlled trial of two serum magnesium concentration targets in the management of intensive care patients with aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage.
Dr Celia Bradford

Neurosurgery Award
Vascular targeting enhancement of radiosurgery for arteriovenous malformations.
Associate Professor Marcus Stoodley

Parkinson’s Disease Award
To determine if immediate transfer of dual task training during gait occurs independently of added task type.
Dr Sandra Brauer

Parkinson’s Disease Award
The potential for therapeutic manipulation of spinal inhibitory mechanisms in Huntington’s Disease.
Dr John Burne

Parkinson’s Disease Award
The genetic analysis of Parkinson’s Disease in Tasmania: a pilot study.
Dr Justin Rubio

Parkinson’s Disease Award
Development of dopamine D2 receptor knockout mouse as a new animal model of Parkinson’s Disease.
Dr Rogan Tinsley

Perinatal Brain Development Award
Long-term neuroprotection in the preterm brain: Targeting neuroinflammatory mediators to reduce white matter damage induced by a hypoxic-ischemic episode.
Dr Kathryn Buller

Schizophrenia Award
The impact of low maternal vitamin D on learning and memory in adult offspring: An animal model of Schizophrenia.
Dr Darryl Eyles

Stroke Award
The effect of combined lateral therapy and mirror-viewing on neuroplasticity and motor function on post-stroke hemiparesis.
Dr Michael Garry


Parkinson’s Disease Award
The role of the pre-supplementary motor area in age related gait slowing: a functional MRI study.
Professor Tony Broe

Facial Pain Award
In Vitro determination of the functional properties of primary afferent neurons innervating the temporomandibular joint.
Dr Mark Connor

Parkinson’s Disease Award
The neural control of movement with attention to action in Parkinson’s disease.
Dr Ross Cunnington

Stroke Award
The neuropathology of white matter hyperintensities.
Associate Professor Jillian Kril

Parkinson’s Disease Award
Insulin/relaxin family peptide-LGR8 receptor systems in the function/survival of key thalamic nuclei damaged in Parkinson’s disease.
Dr Andrew Gundlach

Stroke Award
A population-based study of the relation between sub-clinical cerebrovascular disease and brain function in older Tasmanians.
Dr Velandai Srikanth

Parkinson’s Disease Award
Variability in isoform expression patterns of tyrosine hydroxylase in Parkinson’s disease.
Dr Linda Lee

Spinal Cord Injury Award
Cerebrospinal fluid flow in post-traumatic syringomyelia.
Associate Professor Marcus Stoodley

Parkinson’s Disease Award
Investigating a diagnostic marker for Parkinson’s disease – a(alpha)-synuclein and/or associated protein DJ-I or parkin?
Dr Qiao-Xin Li

Motor Neurone Disease Award
Autobiographical memory in patients with temporal lobe lesions: The role of chronicity and site of lesion.
Dr Suncica Sunny Lah


Parkinson’s Disease Award
New Therapies for Neurological Injuries and Diseases Based on Neural Stem Cells.
Professor Anne Cunningham

Brain Tumour Award
Identifying new molecular targets for treating brain tumour.
Dr Bryce Vissel

Stroke Award
Acute stroke: imaging the ischaemic penumbra with perfusion CT.
Dr Mark Parsons

Parkinson’s Disease Award
Cigarette-smoking, genetic risk factors and the aetiology of Parkinson's Disease: an examination of gene-environment interactions.
Dr George Mellick

Brain Tumour Award
Vitamin E analogues selectively suppress brain cancer.
Dr Jiri Neuzil

Stroke Award
Endothelial molecular changes after radiation of arteriovenous malformations.
Associate Professor Marcus Stoodley

Healthy Brain Research Award
For research relating to the Brain Foundation Healthy Brain Program.
NM Rothschild & Sons (Australia) Ltd

Brain Tumour Award
Dysembryoplastic neuroepithelial tumour: Seizure focus localisation using functional MRI with continuous EEG recording.
Dr Regula Briellmann

Stroke Award
Does increased activity of the sodium/calcium exchanger (NCX) ion channel protect the brain from stroke?
Associate Professor Neville Knuckey

Schizophrenia Award
Nicotinic receptors in schizophrenia.
Dr Richard Loiacono

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