Research Grant - 2022

Research Category: Migraine & Headache

Dr Jason Ray was the recipient of Brain Foundation grant funding in 2022

Migraine & Headache

Migraine & Headache
An evaluation of the impact of CGRP monoclonal antibodies on the immune system in migraine
Dr Jason Ray
Alfred Health
Co-Investigators : Dr Elspeth Hutton

Watch Dr Jason Ray accept the research grant award and hear a bit about the project.

Project Summary:

CGRP monoclonal antibodies are an effective new class of medications used in Australia and worldwide for the prevention of migraine, a condition that affects 1 in 7 people. They work by blocking either the CGRP molecule, which is involved in the initiation of a migraine, or its receptor. While these medications have been found to be well tolerated in clinical trials, because CGRP has other roles in the body, there is an ongoing need to study these medications to ensure there are no ‘off-target’ effects from their use. 

Our research project is expanding on earlier clinical observations by investigating any effect that these medications have on the immune system. To do this, we are collecting blood samples from volunteers prior to, and after commencing these medications, and analysing the level and pattern of expression of immune cytokines – proteins involved in signalling in the immune system.  

This research will further inform clinical practice worldwide by either confirming the safety of these medications, or identifying an area that may require particular monitoring to ensure the ongoing safe use of the medication. We would like to sincerely thank the scientific committee, sponsors and donors of the Brain Foundation for their support of this project.

Click here to read Progress Report (November 2023)

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