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Are you living with a brain disease, disorder, or injury?

Share your story to help raise awareness for these important conditions.

Example of a patient story from one of our newsletters
This is Andy's story about surviving an aneurysm, which was shared in our BRAINwaves newsletter.

When it comes to brain disease, a list of symptoms or diagnostic criteria is just the tip of the iceberg. Everyone has a unique experience which is shaped by their lifestyle, support network, access to care, and so much more. It can be isolating and challenging, particularly if you don’t know anyone who has gone through the same thing. However, sharing your story & learning about other people’s experiences can make it a bit easier. 

Whether you are newly diagnosed, living with a chronic disease, in recovery, or a carer to someone affected by a neurological condition, your story is important. If you’d like to get in touch with us, please click the link below and fill out our contact form.

Frequently asked questions

1. Why should I share my story?

Sharing your story can help raise awareness, support the patient community, and advocate for people living with brain diseases, disorders, or injuries. Some people also find it empowering or cathartic to talk about their experiences.

2. What happens after I fill out the form?

Someone will be in touch with you via email or phone to ask you a few more questions. Sharing your story is a personal decision, and we want to make sure that you’re completely comfortable before you share your experience. We will also ask you how you would like to write the story – it could be a phone interview, an email interview, or you can write something in your own words.

3. When will I hear from you?

We will usually be in touch within a few weeks, but this might take longer during busy times of the year. We cannot guarantee that every story submitted will be featured. Publication of your story is at the discretion of the Brain Foundation who will evaluate its merit and it is also subject to your consent.

4. Where can I read other patient stories?

You can find other patient stories on our articles page. We also sometimes share patient stories on social media or in our newsletters.

5. How will my privacy be protected?

Your personal details will remain completely confidential and will not be shared with any third parties. You will have the opportunity to review the final article before it is posted on our website, and you can leave out any personal information that you aren’t comfortable sharing.

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