Research Grant - 2007

Research Category: Motor Neuron Disease Award

Professor Philip M Beart was the recipient of Brain Foundation grant funding in 2007

Motor Neuron Disease Award

Motor Neuron Disease Award
A new hypothesis of Motoneuron Disease: astrocytes are the non-neuronal neighbours inducing motoneuron injury
Professor Philip M Beart
Brain Injury & Repair, Howard Florey Institute and University of Melbourne
Funded By Michael Rogers Stirling Estate
Co-Investigators : Dr Julie Atkin and Dr Ross O’Shea

Project Summary:

Motor Neurone Disease is a neurodegenerative condition, progressing to paralysis in 1-5 years, and killing 100,000 every year world-wide. We seek to understand its pathogenesis by investigating the underlying mechanisms, which involve different neighbouring cells contributing to the injury of motoneurons. Ongoing work from our laboratory reveals that a population of glial cells, astrocytes, which are intimately associated with motoneurons, profoundly affect their function and existence. We believe that changes to the chemistry and shape of astrocytes initiate a neurotoxic milieu, and that dissection of their roles will provide new clues for management of Motor Neurone Disease.

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