Congratulations to our 2021 Research Grant Recipients

Congratulations to our 2021 Research Grant Recipients

For over 50 years, our primary objective has been to support the highest quality Australian research into brain diseases, disorders, and injuries. The events of 2020 were an unprecedented challenge, and for the first time ever we weren’t able to give out research grants. Thankfully, the world is slowly returning to normal, and we are pleased to announce our research grants re-opened in 2021.

The applications we received were a fantastic insight into the talent, dedication, and curiosity of Australian researchers. We would like to thank the members of our Scientific Committee for volunteering their time and expertise to assess these applications. It’s certainly not an easy task, with over 150 applications this year. 

We also extend our sincere thanks to our donors, fundraisers, and corporate sponsors. Almost everyone has been touched in some way by a brain disease, disorder, or injury. Your support makes research possible so that we can improve our understanding of these conditions, and work towards finding new treatments and cures.

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Understanding why some people develop delirium after surgery

A/Prof Hannah Keage

Detecting concussion in the brain

Dr Remika Mito

Modelling cortical dysplasia in epilepsy patients

Dr Hannah Leeson

Headache in Australia - epidemiological study

Dr Emma Foster

A novel approach to improving delay to diagnosis in ALS

Dr Emma Devenney

Does a familial gene variant drive neurodegeneration in multiple sclerosis?

Dr Jessica Fletcher

Advanced MRI to monitor disease activity in multiple sclerosis patients after suspending therapy

Dr Vivien Li

Does newborn screening for spinal muscular atrophy change patient outcomes?

Dr Didu Sanduni Kariyawasam

Measuring nerve damage after chemotherapy treatment

A/Prof Susanna Park

Spinal fluid circulation in the abnormal spinal cord

Dr Shinuo Liu

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